A Professional Notary Can Witness Your Signature

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Some documents must be notarized, or certified by a notary public as authentic. Notarizing a document will prove that the signature is legitimate, because a professional notary must verify the identity of the signee. If you need a document notarized, turn to Over the Road Notary in San Angelo, TX.

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Be prepared to swear an oath

Texas law states that the person who will be signing a document must confirm that the information contained in the document is true. This is done using an oath. The signee must also acknowledge that they are signing the document voluntarily.

Have your ID ready

Our professional notary will need to verify your identity before she can notarize your documents. You can use any ID card or document issued by the federal or state government, as long as it features your photo and signature.

Wondering what else is required from you to obtain notary services in the San Angelo, TX area? Don't hesitate to ask.

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